It is time for a semester brake!
see you on w33 (18-Aug)

The Sunday buffé stories

11:00 - 16:00

Sunday buffet with traditional Greek dishes

Every Sunday we will offer a traditional Greek buffet.
Food prepared with heart, love and dedication just like our mothers and grandmothers did.

Invite family, friends and colleagues and come for a really good Sunday lunch.


Moussaka | Slow cooked leg of lamb | Spicy Beef Stew | Pastitsio | Meatballs in tomato sauce | Soups | Traditional Greek Pies | Risoni pasta with chicken | Vine leaf dolmas | Stuffed peppers | Fresh bread | Seasonal Salads | Greek desserts
and much much more!

The buffet is served between 11.00 and 16.00, coffee included.

Price 295kr/person (children up to 10 years 145kr)

Book a table to secure seats.
Warm welcome!

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